Where India meets Europe, with a little touch of Venice and a pinch of Greece. Udaipur is a city with a lot of character and if there is one thing that it doesn’t shy away from, it is its romantic reputation.

Udaipur is full of winding alleyways that are covered in both traditional and classic street art. The sunsets are magical – whether spent on the lake or in the mountains and the architecture and building interiors only encourage the intimate vibes.

The residents of Udaipur were perhaps the most friendly, warm and welcoming of all of Rajashthan – however, they were also the cheekiest. There was absolutely no in-between. People were either sincerely genuine or stealthily trying to rob me of all my money and I struggled to differentiate between the two.


Entertaining Yourself

There is much to do in Udaipur and surrounding areas. However, I have limited my selection below to my top recommendations based on my own and other travelers experiences.

Monsoon Temple – Also known as the Sajjangarh Palace. It’s a little out of town and the palace itself is nothing special, however, the view at sunset certainly is. It has an entrance fee of 500 rupees.

Wander Around Lake Pichola – The peoples are so friendly that you are bound to meet some locals.  I had some of the most experiences I have had yet from such encounters.

City Palace – Is perhaps the most popular activity. Opening hours are between 930am and 430pm, with an entrance fee of 500 rupees.

Mewar Sound & Light Show – Attending this is a must. It is held daily between 7pm – 8pm, then again between 8pm – 9pm at the City Palace Complex. It costs 150 rupees for an adult and 75 rupees for a child.

Where to Stay:

Udaipur is a backpackers heaven with accommodation being cheap and beautiful. If you are a couple I recommend getting a private room in a small and quaint guest house that overlooks the lake.

Bunkyard Hostel: I absolutely adored this place. It as super cheap, had a superb location. It was amazingly decorated and super social. I met many cool travelers here and had too much fun socializing on their rooftop every night. $4AUD per night for a dorm.

Moustache Udaipur: Situated in the center of Udaipur, I heard great things about this hostel. It is clean and the staff are apparently fantastic. $4AUD per night for a dorm.

Anjani Hotel:  This one is for the couples. Centrally located, with beautiful but affordable rooms. It has a pool and its classic design is charming and enchanting. $38AUD per room, per night.



Good food is not hard to come by in Udaipur – and I highly recommend the street food here. However, below are my two favorite places that weren’t from the streets.

Yummy Yoga – All I have to say is the pumpkin curry. They have a great vegan selection and just, wow.

Oladar Village Cafe – Simple, clean, stylish decor with great food. What more could you ask for?

What I Liked:

Creativity & Art – There was a real sense of creativity and art throughout Udaipur from its streets to its design and architecture.

Friendliness of Residents – It was a rare case when I was not greeted and offered chai.

The Sunset Rooftops – Rooftop cafes were everywhere in Udaipur. I loved nothing more than sitting back with a book, a tea or beer whilst watching the sunset on a beautiful rooftop cafe.

What I Didn’t Like:

Shopping; I hated how it tempted me so. The shopping was great but super expensive. I got ripped off a lot and paid a lot more than I should have more than once. Save your dollars for places like Jaipur and Pushkar.


Getting In & Out

Bus: You can catch an overnight bus from most major cities in India at a very cheap cost. The buses are both semi-sleeper/sleeper with AC or NO/AC, you can decide. They are comfortable, a bit bumpy and super cheap. You can book through your hostel/hotel, but make sure you double check the price on Redbus first, as they don’t accept international cards.

Train: Udaipur is well connected by train. Trains can be booked on the IRCTC website if you have registered with an account (super easy and fast). The trains are comfortable, smooth, more expensive than a bus and I personally feel they lack privacy. So if that’s not an issue – book it.

Minimum Length of Stay: 2 nights

Safety Rating for Women: 9/10 – I felt extremely safe. There are many women traveling solo and if you pick a social hostel, you will have no trouble finding travel companions.


Did I leave any questions unanswered? Please let me know 🙂












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