About Me

I am a little roamer. At 5.3ft I am traveling the world, solo. Most people think I am crazy; too daring for my own good. I beg to differ.

I am a recent graduate of communications, an aspiring development worker and a dreamer with an addiction to adventure.

About This Blog

In 2015, I traveled and worked my way around India and South East Asia. I am starting this blog in response to the level of bewilderment and curiosity from friends and family. This blog intends to answer all of the questions frequently asked by friends, family and especially women whilst I do it all over again around Africa, Central Asia and parts of Southern Europe in 2017.


There is no reason to feel that being a woman means you can’t travel alone.

Please Be Patient

I have a years worth of information to upload from my 2015 adventures. In the mean time, I am posting a photo journal to documents its highlights. For me, it is easier to express visually than written words.