Anyone who knows me, knows I love India; it’s generally one of the first things they learn. I have been to India three times and every time I leave the country loving it more than I thought physically possible.

There is no denying that India has a bad reputation; it’s labeled as ‘unsafe’ or ‘too hard to travel,’ particularly for women. I am forever baffled by these common misconceptions that surround the country I hold so close to my heart.

I have always felt safe in India and I find it extremely catering towards travelers – particularly backpackers, needs. Despite this,  India is not a place for the light-hearted. The grass if definitely not green in India; it will not always be easy and you need to prepare yourself for instances when you will witness or become exposed to some pretty tough realities. India is not a developed country in any regard and it is definitely not a western country. There are a lot of things you will see that you would never dream of seeing back home.

The one piece of advice of offer to people before they go to India is that it’s all about perception. Try your best to go in with no preconceived notions.  From personal experience, I found that when I went in, thinking it was unsafe and scary, it was – and I had a few close calls. However, when I went in and just surrendered myself to India, completely, I had the best and most rewarding experiences fo my life, whilst feeling completely safe.





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